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Telomere Lengthening Expert

Telomerase Activation Molecules

More than 25 years of research by
Dr. Bill Andrews on finding ways to extend human lifespan through the intervention
of telomere shortening in human cells has led to the development of Telomerase Activation Molecules (TAM). We bring to you our range of aging care products combining TAM with proven ingredients, to help you and your pets live a more youthful and healthier life.

Developed by Bill Andrews, Ph.D. of Sierra Sciences in 2014, TAM CO314818 is a state of the art Telomerase Activating Molecule that counteracts and suppresses the fundamental cause of aging: telomere shortening.

By interfering with the action of telomerase inhibiting substances TAM induces telomerase to function normally and to cause cell division to become more active leading to younger and healthier cells.

TAM is the most effective anti-aging compound available.

Chronological vs Biological Aging

Your chronological age is the amount of time in terms of years, months, days, etc that has passed from your birth to a given date. This is the primary way people define their age.

Your biological age depends on a number of variables that can change on a continuing basis including genetics, lifestyle, nutrition, diseases and other conditions. Using these guidelines, medical professionals can figure out what age your body ‘acts’ like it is. The difference between the two can be surprising.

TAM Case Studies

Defytime is the only company publishing test results of people using and taking supplements containing the telomerase inducing activator TAM. The case studies on the following pages show how the effects have been remarkable with telomere length increased and biological age reduced sometimes dramatically.

The Anti-aging Mechanism of Telomeres and Telomerase

Telomeres are structures at the end of our chromosomes that shorten every time a human cell divides.

Telomeres acts like an assembly line inside our cells that adds nucleotides to the ends of our chromosomes, thus lengthening our telomeres.

The problem is Telomerase Enzyme Deficiency Syndrome, or TEDS affects every one of us. If it weren’t for the lack of this enzyme our telomeres would stay long and healthy.
The length of an individual’s telomeres is closely associated with their biological age, and studies have shown that an accumulation of critically short telomeres causes more rapid aging. Research suggests that control of telomere length by enhancing telomerase production has the potential to treat many diseases associated with aging and increase longevity.

Case Study

Male aged 62 years

Test results before and after 1 month show short telomere length increased by 43.5% and estimated biological age now 10 years younger by taking 2 or 3 capsules per day.

Male aged 36 years

Test results before and after 1 year show median telomere length increased by 9.65% and estimated biological age now 11 years younger.

Male aged 49 years

First and second test results show estimated biological age reduced by 3.2 years

Anti-aging compound

Defytime Skincare with Telomerase Activating Molecules (TAM)

TAM is the most effective anti-aging compound available.

By targeting telomeres within skin tissue, TAM counteracts and suppresses the fundamental cause of skin aging: telomere shortening. Skin cells are rejuvenated, youthful elasticity is restored, fine lines and wrinkles disappear.

TAM Clinical Trials

Clinical trials in vivo in Italy of TAM were carried out over 30 days in order to evaluate its anti-wrinkle efficacy and capability in improving the skin elasticity and firmness on 100 healthy female volunteers aged from 36 to 65. TAM has demonstrated strong anti-aging properties, providing excellent improvement of skin condition over 30 days.

  • 100 women tested, 36-65 years old
  • Applied twice daily, 20ug/ml TAM CO314818
  • Tested on day 0, 15, 30

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Telomere Lengthening Expert

Defytime Salmon Oil Drops

The ingredients of Fresh Salmon Oil, Algae Extract and Astaxanthin Oil along with Telomerase Activation Molecules (TAM) can offer a wide range of pet skin health benefits when used regularly.

Keep your pets skin and coat in top condition with our unique formula. TAM improves biological health by targeting telomeres in cells, leading to younger and healthier cells. Our Salmon Oil Drops are made in New Zealand from natural ingredients and free
of sugar and preservatives.


Place one drop into your pet’s mouth, or apply one or two drops to their food.


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